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This privacy policy will be updated as required. Please periodically check this page to review changes.

What information we collect ?
We currently do not store any information from our site visitors. In order to provide you with relevant jobs according to your browsing location, we temporarily determine your IP address to calculate your approximate geography in order to present your with the job listings closest to you.

Jobs are aggregated by zip code/town so it is the most logical way to present jobs for you. It makes your experience seamless and very easy to find and apply for jobs. Locateconnect.com is designed to render correctly on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Our design is uncluttered, simple and focused on presenting you with the latest job listings to help you find your new role.

Is it standard practice to determine people IP addresses ?
It is standard practice on a significant number of websites and the majority of web hosting services will do this even if the website does not. This is to ensure websites are not spammed or suffer from DDOS attacks which may affect your browsing experience.

What cookies are stored ?
We may in the future use cookies to store your country and town location preferences in order to provide you with a fast and productive user experience to support your job search and application process.

Where do the jobs come from ?
Locateconnect.com aggregates jobs from various sources and presents you job listings with the most recent ones first.

I don't agree with your privacy or terms of use
No problem, navigate away from Locateconnect.com and then delete any cookies listing under the domain Locateconnect.com.

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